Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zeke the Rock Star

Our happy Zeke has been growing his hair out for "Twisty Curls like a Rock star." I googled every African American hair website out there, found a youtube video, spent a lot of time (but very little $$)at Sally Beauty Supply and 3 happy hours twisting the Sparkly Eyed Toddler's hair. It isn't fabulous yet because his hair was still only 3 inches long....but it's a cool start! He loves it and loved every moment getting the hair done by mama. Of course, Zeke pretty much loves everything. Still, I saved the family $85 AND we had fun doing it.

Funny side note: Most adoptive families (or any family with multiple small kids for that matter) will agree that sleeping is a somewhat gray area. When we first came home, we had this crazy idea of putting Etienne in his own bed in with Blake. Zeke was in the crib (that's a relative term, "in") next to our bed. It didn't take long to realize E needed to share a bed, not just a room. So the youngest shacked together in the lower bunk, with big bro Blake above. As you can imagine, once the sleep issues began to fade, the fun began! Most nights, there were a lot of giggling fits and funny song lyrics drifting from the "big boy room." Until it lasted after midnight most nights. So we offered the spare room to Blake, who said "Why would I want my own room?!?" Of course, Etienne followed suit. Then we asked Zeke. His response, "I can have rock and roll room by myself?" So the baby has a big double bed with a guitar on the wall and last night he fell asleep singing to himself, "play that funky music, white boy. play that funky music LOUD." He is so, so happy. Take that, attachment experts!

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