Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's get real.

Last week was definitely one of our "steps back." We had lots of lying, peeing/pooing, uncontrolled crying. You know, the ugly stuff. I posted on Thursday about our new approach (per the experts) and that we were giving it a go with the whole no reward/punishment thing. What I didn't share was all the anger I felt in doing this. I really, really lost it. After another day of lying and peeing, when Etienne was skipped on downstairs with his siblings to watch our Thursday night tradition, "Wipe Out." Gggrr!! It was infuriating to me that he'd had so many hurtful, disgusting behaviors yet were we still including him in the fun family activity. I literally had to separate myself from the entourage so that I could pray that God would just take that anger and fill it with love and patience. I pulled out Colossians and reread chapter 3, thinking that although I may not be bound by the sin of lust or filthy language, anger may be another story...
So Etienne tests my limits. He redefines "active." There is no pant that he won't wear through in less then 8 weeks. His sheets need changed at least a few times a week. The enormity of his heart is unreal. His theme song is "Don't Worry, Be Happy." His wants are simple. Sunday morning, knowing he was about to start whining, I made him spoon with me in bed. He sighed, started to suck his thumb, saying, "I sure like when we cuddle, Mama." And then I know God has replaced that anger with love.


  1. Hey, my husband and I are considering "upping" our age range request to include a 4 yr old,(currently 0-3 yrs) but I sincerely worry about encountering the same issues you have had with your little one. How old is he, if you don't mind me asking. Would appreciate your insight/advice, Thanks
    Sarah Vanderpool

  2. ;-) It sounds like you are starting to get the right "spirit" about things.
    ;-) I know it is hard but I think you can do it. It kind of has to be a paradigm shift for you. I think the positive/negative thing works with kids that don't have issues because they get "it." Kids that have issues don't have that logical sequence kind of thing. Keep working on the positive! I have to get going to meet Kendall! Will think on this and get back to you! You can do it! I have "The FAITH" in you!

    Love, Carol