Thursday, April 28, 2011


Snuggling with Zeke in bed tonight: (with his Barry White 3 year old voice)
"Mama, do I have step motha? If I did, I would be scared." (We've listened to Snow White lately)
"No, buddy. You have me forever. And you have a birth mother in Rwanda."
"Why did she have me?"
"You were in her tummy and she loved you but she couldn't care for you. She wanted me to be your mama."
"That was a good idea. And also, I know Jesus likes my twisty curls."
(There's me, tears running down my face, laughing hysterically. Pretty sure God was smiling too.)


  1. That's one of those treasured memories you want to hold on to forever...funny, delightful, and heart-grabbing.

  2. I KNOW God was smiling, too! What a little smart guy and what a great smart mama! ;-)

  3. Oh, my! I just realized I am a "stepmotha" although I have not thought of myself as that for a long time! .... good thing I am not an evil one! ;-)

  4. Jesus DOES love his twisty curls! Adorable!

  5. Just happened upon your blog - could I repost this on We are trying to find some last minute posts with a Mother's Day focus. Email me ASAP if that's okay - I'd need a picture of you and a short bio. And, if there is a picture I can put with the post, that would be great.