Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Thrill is Gone...

...from the sticker chart, that is. We started off strong, Etienne was really excited at lunch and bedtime to earn his stickers and praise. Now, not so much. This has been the case with all our discipline with E. Last summer, time outs brought out the waterworks for a few weeks. Then it was sleeping in the spare room, rather then the "big boy" room. For a brief time, spankings were so, so sad. We also moved on to donating toys to the foster home every time someone hit/punched/kicked (BTW, I HIGHLY recommend this-cleaning, giving and punishment all in one!) Now, nothing. E has an amazing poker face. Ryan will say I am reading into this, but I feel like this is another coping mechanism that we have to break down to get to E's heart. I am, once again, longing for a more experienced adoptive mom of an older child to tell me what to do.

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