Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here's the List of Resources I (grudgingly) have contacted in the past 24 hrs:
-Both Moms (grandma/nana)

-local public school screening program

-Boys Town national hotline

-program director,

-Sonic Vanilla Dr Pepper (X2)

-local YMCA for a formal apology

Think we are covered. I promise that we do our best to avoid drama. Some weeks are like that. I am not buying into the un-truth that life with an older adopted child will ALWAYS be like this. Neither should you.

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  1. Yes, it gets better! Sometimes it's one step forward, three steps back, two steps forward...and so on.

    Also on those days you think you've really "lost it" as a're probably doing better than you think.

    (former foster care mom, waiting soon-to-be adoptive Rwanda mom)