Friday, February 18, 2011


A few days ago, after some entense E situations, I was in this place of hopelessness and anger. I kept focusing on how nothing was working. Poor us, blah, blah. I was getting angry at the well intentioned (but entirely off based) words of others. My awesome husband quickly reminded me that faith is finding endurance during the worst of times. It's easy to praise God while floating on peaceful waters, right? So I confessed to some friends and here we are moving forward again.
Yesterday Etienne was screened by with ELL in the schools and with a preschool instructor. We won't know formal results for a week or so, but the ELL gal made it clear that language comprehension our problem. That's good....
During the screening, Blake introduced himself: "I'm his FRIEND but also his brother." So grateful for that kind of love. Miss Molly checks in after school, "I prayed that E would have a good day and don't cry cause you are happy,mom." Zeke just laughs, that sparkly-eyed smiley face.
The pic is E working on words and matching opposites. The second is a spontaneous group hug. Poor Molly. Those nuns said "We have concern, all those boys.


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  1. Love, love, love your family. Love your honesty and your humor in tough times. Praying for you, Friend!