Thursday, October 8, 2009

Transition from "Survival" to "Adjusting"

I feel like I can say that we are making steps out of the surival mode that has been the last few weeks of our lives. Zeke and Etienne are, for the most part, sleeping through the night as long as they share the crib! It is still a LONG battle for naps and going to bed, but we are physically feeling better going into it every night because we're more rested.
Etienne absorbs more English every day. An example of some of his vocab: collage (don't ask, Molly taught him), ready, please, potty, thank you, water, all done.
Zeke will begin his screaming and now as soon as we remind him "No screaming in our family," he usually subsides without us physically restraining him. Yippee!!
Molly continues to be glad to go get a break from the chaos at school, but is always equally excited to see her siblings. First grade is "mostly good, but wears me out," she says.
Blake is always attempting to find the balance between big brother and regulator, not easy for anyone. On good days when Etienne is taking a nap, Blake will check often on him, wanting him to wake up and play again.
Holding off on any preschool for any boy in this family right now. Maybe after the holidays....


  1. Great news! So glad to hear of this transition. What a praise! What to be patient, consistent, and firm. What a beautiful family you have.

    In Christ,

  2. Such a great expectation you put on Zeke: "in our family we don't scream". What great practical advice. You are doing great!
    Becky Fisher