Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Steps

Two possible solutions to Zeke's screaming:
1. Pile the food in. See photo on right. If I continuously stuff Zeke-y (as his siblings call him) with food (and of course its nutritious), then he yells less!
2. Invite company over. He seems to like to make his mama look like a liar regarding the yelling. So, company, come on over.
Sleeping update:
Finally occurred to us that maybe Etienne is lonely in a bed.Friday night we put him in the crib with Zeke and-poof!-he slept all night! Yippee!!
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I will attempt to take a picture of Blake and Etienne in one of the moments that they clearly belong together. These moments include in the backrow of the minivan, singing and grooving, usually to Michael W. Smith or Jack Johnson or sitting at the kithen bench together eating and giggling. He has just filled his spot perfectly.
We got to spend some time with our Kansas friends this weekend and I've included my dear friend Jen, who kept Zeke fed for about 3 hrs on Saturday. All my boys love Jen.
Saturday night was social bathtime for the Higgins kids with Langdon, Kevin and Carrie's little boy. We didn't mean to put 5 in the tub, but they just kept coming.

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  1. What a great update, packed with encouraging news and developments at the Higgins house! Sounds like you have come up with a great solution for the sleeping dilemna.  HOORAY!! I can hardly wait for the day we get to see you all. Much love...