Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rwanda Photos

Hard to choose pics to load onto the blog. The blue gate above is the entrance to the orphanage. Courtney, Heidi and I were given wraps to wear our babies- I confess that I am horrible at getting Zeke in, otherwise I'd opt to wear him to Hy-Vee every time, as it is very comfortable!

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  1. Hi! I grew up in Africa and wanted to carry my first child around like I saw growing up (my parents were missionaries). Anyway--I too found it difficult to use a kanga. However, I found the hotsling style pouch to be awesome and also HIGHLY recommend a baby ktan. Both easy to use slings that are quick, comfortable, and allow for hands free :-).
    P.S. I am on your blog b/c my husband and I plan to adopt from Rwanda, so I follow these blogs obsessively :-).