Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zeke II

Good news first: Etienne continues to echo any English Blake speaks, loves Sesame Street and is healthy. He's actually lost 3lbs (related to malnutrition and protein). Blake is a great teacher, Molly is nurturing and we are thankful every moment for how amazing the 2 of them are. Prayer Request: Zeke continues to spend his waking hours screaming. He has moments when he will forget for a second to scream (like if I throw a ball) but then he picks up screaming again. We are looking for a crib cover because today I thought he finally wore himself out, so I went to the bathroom. He climbed/fell out of the crib and started to fall halfway down the stairs. It is horrible and it is wearing on the whole family. Out of desperation, I decided tonight to treat him like a newborn and I swaddled him with a giant afgan to get him to calm down. All we can do right now is pray over him and continue to attempt all the bonding/nurturing tactics. I have put in a request for a behavioral/developmental clinic, but haven't heard back yet. I think that the most difficult aspect is that there are moments when I question every decision that we've made thus far. Ryan reminds me that this was God's decision and His plan.


  1. We are praying for you all- every night as a family and as God brings you to mind during the day. I pray that you will find some healing for him very soon.
    Emily Bowers

  2. You are doing the best thing for Zeke. You are exactly what this child needs. You are the only mommy he will ever know and you are the best for him. Hang in there. This too shall pass. Thank you for your honesty and going before all of us other families. God knows your heart. God knew this would happen. Lean on Him. Rest in Him. You are EXACTLY what Zeke needs right now. God PICKED YOU for him and He knows what you're going through. Praying for you!!
    Becky Fisher
    HB, CA
    DTR 67.15.09

  3. oh my goodness I feel for you, for Zeke, and for your whole family!! I think your instinct to treat him like a tiny baby is exactly right. I'm trying to think of things I might try in the same situation, and one that comes to mind is wearing him on your back, either Rwandan style or in a structured carrier if that's more comfortable? having him on your front might be too intimate for him and too nerve wracking for you if he's screaming all the time, but maybe he'll feel a little better on your back? Is he better if he's with you constantly, or does it not change anything? I'm so sorry you are all going through this, and hoping you find the magic solution that eases his little will come, hang in there... big hugs,
    oh, another thing...I have a friend whose little girl screamed quite a bit when she first came home from Korea (though I think it was mostly in the middle of the night, joy of joys) and I think they suspected diet, among other things -- could he maybe have a diet-related issue, or another medical issue perhaps? my friend said that after the screaming subsided and they began to get to know this little girl (who they also regretted adopting at times, it's ok to feel that way, though it must feel awful in the moment) they realized that it really was just inconsolable grief that she was dealing with... she did come out of it though, and they are a happy bunch these days. let me know if you'd like to talk with her at all, she's an incredible friend/woman/mother/person...
    more hugs!