Monday, September 21, 2009

First days Home

This is our third morning home and Ryan is off to school. I'll be honest with you, I feel I owe it to the future adoptive moms reading this. Coming home is the most wonderful and terrifying feeling at the same time. We were blessed with a warm welcome from our family and friends; the boys both have been eager to meet their family, experience carpet, grass and car seats. The reality is that Zeke won't fall asleep and as soon as we step away from the crib, he climbs out and falls. Etienne continues his screaming, but the length and volume of screams are less then they were. I am overwhelmed with what their basis for "normal" was; and how every little detail of our lives is throwing them each a curve ball. Right now we are praying that we remember this is God's plan for us and His strength will help Zeke to sleep and Etienne to chill.
Blake is loving being a big brother and having Etienne as his audience and partner. They enjoy making boy sounds together as loud as they can, and crashing cars together.
Molly is our True North, reminding us constantly of everything good and right. She is so eager to return to school today and share her stories! I am really going to miss she and Ryan today so much.


  1. Thank you for finding time to post. I am devouring every bit of insight you have into how the transition home is. I worry about the balance between discipline and bonding/attachment. We're all rooting for you and your family!


  2. We had the same issue with Kieran climbing out of his crib and crashing on the floor! Amazing considering how weak his muscles were then! After it happened twice, we moved him to the playpen that was just a bit too tall to climb out of. Mike, being a handy man, found a way to adjust Kieran's crib even lower than the lowest setting. If you want details on how to do this, email me via our Yahoo chat group.

    Kieran also panicked every time he was left alone to sleep. We started laying on the floor next to his playpen or crib until he'd slip off to sleep, which never took very long. It was so sweet because he's put his hand through the crib rails and hold onto my hand until he drifted off to sleep. I guess they just need to know you are coming back and they aren't being abandoned again. After about a month of laying on the floor so he'd sleep, we were able to just say good night and he was ok with us leaving as long as the door was open.

    I must add that what has really made all the difference with nap and bed times is having a predictable routine. We do the same things (brush teeth, bath, put on lotion and pjs, story, & prayer) at the same time every day so he knows what to expect, and has come to look forward to it. I think the consistency also helps his body to go to sleep quickly. I'm sure you already know this stuff since you have had practice with your first two. Just wanted to pass on what is working for us.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers every day! We know what you are going through with all of the transitioning. It's exhausting and overwhelming at times. I'm just now, after four months of being home, starting to really feel like I'm getting a handle on things. Kieran still needs me a lot and I have to work at recharging myself so that I have the energy to meet his needs.

    We love reading your blog (HImes' and Higgins' too) and seeing the pictures of your kids. -Amy