Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 Days Until Blastoff!!!

Our bedroom has been taken over by everything 4 kids and 2 parents need to survive in a developing country for a week. We are happy to learn that we'll go from the airport to the orphanage to our babies! And we'll be updating the blog from the hotel to keep all of our loved withs informed with pictures and experiences. Stay tuned.


  1. Hi!!! It looks like you are taking your kids with you to Rwanda-- I would loooove to talk to you about it!! We got our approval Aug 28 and are soooo torn about whether or not to bring our 2 yr old. I'd love an email when you get a chance-- jen jones/ bill cropf

  2. How exciting Kara! I am so happy for you and the amazing additions to your family! Safe travels!

  3. Can't wait to hear more!! You guys are pretty much on my mind every minute :) We love you and those sweet boys!