Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Turns 5.

Zeke is really, really loud..
     Today is Ezekiel's birthday.  Sweet, "sparkly-eyed-smiley-face," as his big sis nicknamed him.  Zeke soaks up every moment to be the baby in the family, whether it's whining to Blake to read him a book or convincing Molly to warm him up after a bath.  I believe the word manipulate would not be far off....but who can resist his Barry White voices or his constant bouncing/jumping/skipping/running?
     I love to celebrate Zeke because he is such a perfect reminder of God's goodness and grace.  This child came home to us afraid, sad and in a state of shock.  After six miserable weeks of crying, yelling and shaking, Zeke-ee found love.  And since then, that boy could not be more bonded or attached to his family.
     Since Zeke is 5 today,  I thought I would share 5 fabulous things that make Zeke Zeke.

  1. Zeke gives the biggest, fully body hugs ever.  He calls them "big as a building hugs."  Last week, he told me that he was going to stop squeezing me like that because he didn't want to hurt me and that Daddy could handle it because he's big.  He squints his eyes really tight too when he does this
  2.  This boy can eat.  And eat.  And eat some more.  There really isn't a food that he won't eat.  For a long time this was a hoarding thing, he really didn't trust that there would be another meal coming.  But now, given his love for cooking and The Pioneer Woman, I know he just enjoys food.  And when you run everywhere you go, you need a lot of energy!
  3. Many people don't know how Zeke is very sensitive.  He often needs many hugs from Blake as they depart and it isn't uncommon for him to tear up if a sibling is going to a sleepover.  Zeke is especially sensitive to his "story."  He loves to hear of how we got him; and he often asks for me to "tell all you did to come to me," but it usually ends in lots of tears.  Zeke still cries when he thinks about being away from his family.  But that is another blog story....
  4. Laughing.  Zeke gets to giggling more than the other kids, and his giggle is really low and deep.  Which soon results in the rest of the room, aisle at the store or pew at church chuckling with him.  A great quality to have.
  5. The boy's mind is a steal trap.  Ask his Nana or Grandma.  He has given them each detailed directions to McDonalds...he can tell me the ingredients to the Black Eyed Pea Quinoa, a detailed account of The Prodigal Son or the lyrics to a Micheal Jackson song.  It's awesome and sometimes unnerving!

The Jamaica cake is because Zeke is a Usain Bolt fan.  Sorry,  I can't convince a 5 yo that character is cooler than speed.

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