Friday, July 13, 2012

Vacation, get away

     Tomorrow we embark on the Higgins family vacation in true Clark W Griswald style.  Ryan will pull over at each historical landmark, we'll belt out some Dave Matthews Band (with Molly's eyes rolling), and stop at Chimney rock for group photos.  We're headed 11hrs west to Wyoming and the Limmer family.   The Limmers adopted their son Moses when we brought the boys' home.  The intensity of East Africa bonded our families for life.
      Every kid loves vacations, right?  Molly can't get the day over with fast enough, she's so excited to get to Wyoming and her "cousins."  Zeke has been counting down for weeks ("Is today Thursday or Sunday, Mama? Because we leave Saturday"!?!?), and Blake has every intention of hanging out with the Daddies, rock climbing and golfing.  Etienne, however, is another story.  He hasn't expressed much interest at all in any of it and tonight I am sitting at his bedside as he cries himself to sleep.  He won't let me touch him, so I am close.  I reach over and rub his arms.  I'm too tired and frustrated to force cuddling this evening.
     His behavior all summer has been that of a toddler that lacks all supervision or discipline.  I am anxious about how he'll handle the car, no routine and unfamiliar spaces.  My gut is that this will stress him out and that there will be repercussions.  I just want this poor guy to exhale and enjoy himself without the drama.
     There are 5 other people in this family that need a break too.  We need to schedule fun for the rest of the kids in this family.  Swimming, rafting, fishing, hiking, staying up late giggling with "cousins" are just what my kiddos deserve.  I may even let them have candy.
     The fabulous thing about our true friends is that we can show up at the Limmers' doorstep disheveled and exhausted, with an armful of kids and a lotta tears, and its okay.  I have been waiting a year to have an iced tea and a heart to heart with Heidi, my adoption-sister for life.  Tomorrow can't come fast enough for this mama either.
     I'm requesting prayers that we will have fun.  That's all.  Seems simple enough and all encompassing.

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