Sunday, July 22, 2012

So thankful.

     Wyoming was fabulous.  We spent some fun filled days with Justin & Heidi, Asia, Trina and Moses.  Nothing will bond you to people like trekking across East Africa, being held in lock down in Ethiopia or paying off passport workers in Kigali.  Being in the company the Limmer family was good for my soul.  It was good for all six of us.  I found myself choked up in emotion countless times, watching Blake giggle as he climbed trees or listening to Molly whisper to the Limmer girls in bed each night.  We were all able to just exhale.  Everyone got to have fun.  
     Thinking of the span of time, since the beginning of history, it's remarkable what God has done with these Rwanda children.  Heidi and I were talking about how while we were going through the adoption process, there was this sense of urgency and than all of a sudden things happened really fast.  Like crazy (14 months start to finish)  in the adoption world fast.  This little tiny window of time opened up  and in that little space of history, our children were adopted, and than it was over.  No Rwandan adoptions before and none in the future.  In that time, He brought together families that will forever be connected.  The craziest thing is that there is a genuine friendship and joy between the Rwandan Adoption Community.  Like we were meant to be together from the start.  Seriously.  When we embarked on this journey I never knew that God would bless me beyond measure with meaningful, lifelong relationships like these.

Lots of hiking.

Blake is actually behind the big sisters. Stinker.

The Big Sisters: Molly & Asia

Feeding 7 kids is just going to be funny,.

The white boy is the oldest.  They just climbed Independence Rock.  The slope is slightly scary.

Good ol' fashioned tree climbing.

And bug collecting

Zeke, Moses and Etienne.  I love that they will have this friend that shares the same beginnings.

Heidi became my sister through adoption.  We got to just sit and watch our kids play.  The highlight of my summer.

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