Friday, March 30, 2012

To all the siblings out there.

     It is not easy to be a sibling of an adopted kiddo.  The new kid demands a whole lot more attention, energy and patience.  Your parents become sleep deprived, emotional beings that take special family "moments" to a whole new level.  You have to put up with questions about your family at the park, the grocery store and birthday parties.  You are all amazing to share your parents, your toys and your hearts.
    Today is my Molly's 9th birthday.  Most days, she is my motivation to keep attempting to love my kids like God loves me.  Molly is full of patience and mercy for her little brothers, she responds to questions about them with grace; usually saying "they are mine as much as Blake is and they are cuter."  It breaks her heart to talk about the orphan crisis, she gets irritated at Mega Millions speculations because "people make too big of a deal about money," and her goal is to travel the world one day.  To avoid running, she likes to say of her days as a premature baby. Drama classes and writing make her happy.  Ask her about politics and she can sum the candidates up perfectly ("Obama has borrowed a billion dollars from China and they have at least that many orphans but Romney called me sweetie and I'm not a little kid").
I'm head over heels for her.
The glasses are only for effect.

She took a package of 500 stickers to the Home of Hope  so every child could have at least one.

Singing a solo for "Newsies"
Calming Zeke down with some love.

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  1. I have never commented on your blog before but after being a long time lurker I just had to thank you for honouring the special position siblings of adopted kids have. We have a similar family situation, two bio kids - a girl almost 9 and a boy 6 and 18 months ago we brought home two children from Uganda ( both are now three years old). It has been a LONG road and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for being honest about the hard stuff!