Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the road again...

Back from Lead, South Dakota. Here are some highlights, lowlights and moments that can only occur when your kids outnumber you:
-Upon waking up from a nap on my back at Mt Rushmore, Zeke screamed "WE ARE HERE!!
WHERE IS CURIOUS GEORGE?!?!?" (some of you will get this)

-Blake requested Etienne to continue his loud chanting while hiking in Needles
Park in order to "scare the mountain lions away."

-All 4 kids considered the hotel pool on the middle of nowhere to be a highlight of
the trip

-Molly developed a crush on a singing cowboy at a chuck wagon dinner.

-E MAYBE slept a few hours each night.

-A wild burro attempted to climb in our van.

-Every morning, in attempt to avoid annoying our (patient) extended family, the boys
were forced to participate in a silent dance party in their room until the alarm clock
read 7:45.

-We were the van driving through all the state parks with wet underwear hanging out
window (traveling=regression for E) but it did look pretty funny to see the under
pants flapping in the breeze.

-Molly has stated that she will never, ever share a bed with her siblings again.
After the last 5 days, I think she deserves this honor!

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