Monday, July 18, 2011

A Success (sort of)

So VBS is behind us. For those who may live in Siberia or under a large boulder, VBS is Vacation Bible School. I am not lying when I say it is a BLAST. Molly lives for VBS each summer. We decided we could send all 4 kids this year. With much anxiety. I have a lot of fear sending Etienne into anything that has a lot of kids, music, movement or people who don't know him. Each morning, we stood outside the door to the church reviewing SIMPLE expectations: No running, listen to the grownups, no screaming/yelling.
If you aren't a parent yet, listen up. Most parents want to know the truth about their kid. It doesn't do anyone any good, especially the child, if you aren't forthcoming. I attached a photo of Adam, E and Blake's teacher, because he was always truthful with us about our boy's behavior. Needless to say, Etienne didn't make it all week. He did learn new songs. He made friends and learned some new scripture verses. Small steps.
Of course, Zeke sang loudly. Blake asked funny questions. Molly knew every verse by heart. They rock. They also held Etienne's hand to still him, whispered in his ear when he needed it and laughed at him for being him.
Is some of my anxiety my own sin? Maybe it's fear of being not having the well behaved child and my own need for approval. Whatever the reason, Etienne deserves for his mama to say a few more prayers, send an extra email and nervously wait on the other side of the door. For him, I will.

CD Kids VBS 2011

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