Thursday, July 7, 2011

On a lighter note...

Reader warning: the following is an uncensored conversation from the Higgins' bathroom.
Blake and Etienne are going potty "just one more time" before bed.
Blake: "Mom, Etienne's wee-wee looks different than mine (no judging, I realize I am a medical professional using the term wee-wee)
Me: "That's because you are circumcised and E isn't."
Etienne: "What's circumcise?"
Me: "Um, it's removing the skin at the tip. A doctor or midwife does it in some places when a baby boy is born."
Blake: "Why!?!"
Me: "No real reason." (scrambling, because I sooo wouldn't choose circumcision again. My only honest answer was something about looking like family members, but don't want E to fill left out.)
Etienne: "Blake, they chopped it off! Mama, you should tell Blake you are sorry that they chopped some of his wee-wee off!"
Blake: "Ya, mom. That makes me sad."

Seriously. I don't make this stuff up. Debated blogging the PG topic, but it is totally relevant for many adoptive families!

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