Friday, April 23, 2010

The Middle Child

Dear Etienne, Lately, it feels like you are really struggling. We know that you crave, you need, lots and lots of attention and encouragement. Daddy and I know that you are easily jealous of anyone else getting snuggles, games or wrestled. It seems that it is worsening, your need for attention and reassurance. So we're trying to make up for lost time. I am holding you, rocking you, feeding you and giving you all the baby-ing that you missed out on. You cry so easily these days, and you don't seem to believe that our love is unconditional and forever. We are praying so, so much for you little buddy. Praying that you'll know that you are ours. You belong in this family and you don't have to do or be anything to be loved here. You're home now.

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