Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Friends

Blogging has been such a blessing for numerous reasons- one of the biggest being that it has allowed me to befriend other adoptive mothers who facing many of the same challenges and emotions as our family. Saturday I was blessed to have lunch with Adrianne, another adoptive mom who is also waiting to receive word from Rwanda regarding getting her baby. She was in town for the weekend all the way from Richmond, VA, so we met for lunch at KCI. Nothing like a little airport food to start a friendship off right! I am sure that the two of us were quite a sight- eating subpar mexican in a dimly lit airport venue, crying and laughing like old pals. I guess I feel like I've found an old friend not to mention someone that completely understands what waiting for your child feels like. We were able to swap stories and now have a face to put with the prayers we've been saying for one another. It's a really cool bond and I look forward to our families continuing to support each other in the years to come. I took a picture of us with my hip new blackberry. Here we are chillin' at the KCI. Just think, next summer our families can hang at the awaa africa reunion together!


  1. I love that you and Adrianne got together. The Rwandan adoption community is so small. I check on you all everyday in blogosphere. Let's hope this week is when you hear about your children!!

  2. thanks for the shout out, friend. I TOTALLY agree and am so thankful we got to meet. Hunter and I prayed for you and the fam tonight. we're so hopeful for you!