Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom of 4

"For we, through the Spirit, wait for the hope of rightousness by faith." -Galations 5:5 It has gotten slightly easier to wait knowing that we are so close to finding out if we have 2 sons or a son and a daughter. Yesterday a loved one asked, "how does it feel to be mother of four?" and I can't keep the happiness off my face despite the fact that I am tearing up at everything. It was wonderful to share the news of our approval letter with our church family and feel their geniune excitement. I'm thinking a lot about the my Molly and Blake-man, how I am so blessed and overjoyed to be their mom and praying that they will adjust with happiness to their new family members. Their lives are going to be changing big time too and as their mom I just want the whole transition to be smooth and natural. I'm thinking about my kids that don't even know yet how much their family here loves them. Also thinking of all the orphans that are still waiting for a home and it has become very personal to me to pray for orphans. I think that even after my kids are all home with me, that this may a lifelong project for the Higgins' family. It kinda gets in your blood. Our prayers now continue to be to receive our referral and travel before July!

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