Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zeke has the Best One Liners

     I exited the cardio room at the Y, earphones still in, sweaty and distracted.  I noticed all the staff at the front desk glance up at me as I walked toward the children's room.  Some smiled and one of the trainers said "Your kid is sic" (no one is ill, this is hipster talk for "cool").  I smile and nod, a little confused, but whatever.  We don't live in a small town, but small enough that we are that family.  People remember us.
     As I entered the room to pick Zeke up, the woman working hopped up and met me at the door. "I have to tell you about a conversation Zeke had with another boy."  Oh. Here we go.
     Apparently another 4 year old (one who frequently gives me the stink eye) starting quizzing Zeke after I left the room.  The conversation started something along the lines of whether I was really his mom.  Normal trans racial stuff.  Par for our course.  Then he said to Zeke:
"Why do you have brown skin like that?"
     Zeke didn't miss a beat.  He didn't even glance up from his race cars.  He said:
"Because that is how God made me.  And when I grow up I will be a good man. A brown skinned man."
     The end.  Back to playing.  Enough of an answer for a 4 yo.  Well, those poor YMCA women aren't used to these kinds of heart-in-your throat conversations.  They were in tears.  It was kind of awesome for me to see their reactions at something so normal in our family, yet so remarkable to the rest of the world.  I easily forget how lucky blessed we are to have this life.  Not every mama gets to witness her preschooler teaching adults a thing or two about family. Life. Adoption. Grace.  You get the picture.  Now the girls at the Y do too.

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  1. Thank you for yet again another post that made me boo-hoo in public. I am a momma of three brown-skinned young men. One is 18, and we pray that he will head into adulthood understanding the truth that your 4 year old speaks so eloquently. I have a 13 month- old foster son that we continually speak this truth into in hopes that if he ever leaves our home, he will have that truth of who God made him to be planted in his heart. And next week we leave for the Congo to bring home our youngest son. All of them beautiful, brown-skinned, and good.

    Keep writing- your honesty is refreshing.