Thursday, December 20, 2012


     Tonight, as you sit cozy on your couch, maybe sending last minute Christmas cards or making lists of gifts still needed to be purchased, there is a mama out there missing her children.  Her arms ache because only one of her three babies can be home for Christmas.  I will let you read Keri's family story here.  I'm posting it because Seth and Quin have legally been adopted.  They belong to the Atland family but mountains need to move to get them out of Ghana and into their family.  Please read their story and pray.
     When we were adopting Etienne and Ezekiel, we had to enter Ethiopia because the US Embassy in Rwanda did not know how to process adoptions.  As we entered the Addis airport, we were immediately escorted to a tiny, glass room.  Ethiopian officials informed us that the never allowed Rwandans into their country and the only reason they weren't putting our children back on a plane, "alone," is because they were so young.  Then those cold hearted officials disappeared behind some closed doors and we waited.  We prayed.  We cried out to God.  No one from our adoption agency could contact us and no one from the Embassy knew we were there.  Locked in a room in an airport.  An hour and a half later, someone walked back through that door and without explanation shoo'd us out and into the chaos of Addis Ababa.  There were more frightening , impossible-by-man scenarios that unfolded in our time in Africa, bringing our boys home.  Mountains that moved without any reason other than a miracle.
     I share this because Keri needs to hear it.  I share because there are so many countless other parents waiting tonight, low on hope, hurting because the ways of the world keep them from their babies.  Because it is a season of miracles, of magic, of hope.  Tonight I am praying this mama feels hope; and praying that her babies know that God is holding them when she can't.

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