Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest Blogger

     Hi my name is Molly and I am 9. When I was 6, I went to Rwanda to adopt my brothers Etienne and Zeke.  Being in the orphanage made me sad seeing how they had so much less than us.  I gave some of the kids little colorful stickers and they didn't know what to do with them.  I wished that I could give them yummy food and make their rooms a lot nicer.  I wish that they could get a family who would take good care of them.   Now, I want to go back and work at the orphanage because I can make life a little nicer and more fun while I am there.  Teaching them little games and telling them stories will show them that someone is thinking of them.  
     In the bible there are a few verses that say that you should not leave orphans in the dust and that we should care for them.  I agree.  Not all people can adopt but we can at least care for them.  
     My mom and dad are making me pay for the trip all by myself so you can see that I need a little help here.  They told me that if I wanted to go, I had to reserve a spot.  I wanted to prove to them that I could do it and I prayed about it.  Then I had a face painting booth at my school and my daddy's school football game.  It was pretty much successful.  I could reserve my spot.  But I still need help.
     To help me (and also to get a little something nice for you or someone else), here's how. Below are 2 links. One is to the Visiting Orphans page, where you can buy some nice products like jewelry or shirts.  It's easy! At the checkout, you can click on a button and select "Higgins-Rwanda 2013" and type in my name, Molly Higgins.  Or you can just donate everything you have to me under the donations button. 
      The other is to the Just Love Coffee page, where you can buy coffee from all over the world and $5 of each bag will go to my trip.  They are from other countries and are called free trade.  My mom always gets presents from this website and I love things from around the world so even if I hate the taste of coffee, I would still drink it!!!!


  1. Molly,

    Berlyn is learning about missionaries at Awana (her church group) and they asked if she knows any missionaries and she said you! She told them about how you are raising $ to go to Africa and how you've already been there and how you are a missionary every day to your brothers and the people around you. Good job big sis!

    Berlyn and Kaitlyn want to buy coffee for Christmas presents so we will check out the website.


  2. Molly,

    I met your mom and dad at a wedding last fall in Kansas City, and ever since I have been reading about your family.

    I love that God has put the desire in your heart to love on the orphans in Rwanda and share what you have with them.

    I will be going to your "Visiting Orphans" link to donate to your trip.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Laura and Belinda,
    Molly's mama says thanks and hugs you both.