Friday, October 12, 2012

He is here.

     Sitting at an intersection tonight.  Outside of Molly's window is a man holding a cardboard sign:
"Out of gas money.  Veteran."
     Molly knew our routine.  I gave her all my cash (don't judge, Ryan and I agreed to this a long time ago) and she stuck called "Hey, dude. Hang in there." I love that girl.
     From the middle row of the van the incessant yelling and wiggling stilled.  Then I heard the sweetest words.  My heart skipped a beat.
 "God please take care of that man tonight, even if he doesn't know you yet.  And please give him a house to sleep in and a family to take care of him."
     Etienne said those words.
     God is not dead.  He's surely alive.
     That is HOW I get out of bed each day.