Friday, August 24, 2012

Mama Days

     Zeke is in a bit of a mourning period.  He's never been the only child and I am just not that much fun.  No matter how many games we play, books we read or songs we sing, I am not as interesting or amusing as big brothers.  The big kids have been back to school a week and Zeke still gets tearful every morning at good bye time.
     Each night, Ezekiel will figure out the "pattern," whether tomorrow is a "Mama Day" or not.  Then we make our plans: hiking, the library, picnics, Xbox, Memory, Sorry!, walks, Play Dough.  We've made homemade marinara, bread, salsa and roasted tomatoes.  We've cleaned carpets, painted some walls.
     I'm appreciating the dialogue that my 3 sons have with one another.  Now that Blake and Etienne are gone during the day, I am the only audience for Zeke.  "Mama!  Remember that time we were in the car and we saw a bird?"  While I will fake remembering this, Zeke's brothers will know exactly the time and the bird Zeke is referencing.  I am exhausted by the end of our Mama/Zeke days.
     And I love it.  I love that Zeke gets my full attention. Finally.  He doesn't have to wait for the drama to pass or for his turn on my lap.  He gets all of me, all day.  I am so blessed by this sacred time with him.  As long as Ezekiel has been a Higgins', he has often had to wait to get in his snuggles.  It's his turn and it's lovely.

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  1. He'll settle in to a routine after awhile and it won't be so exhausting. So glad you're having wonderful days as mama of one, albeit briefly! :)