Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Chapter.

"But now, this is what the Lord says, he who created you, Jacob,  who formed you,  Israel, 'Do not fear, I  have redeemed you, I summoned you, you are mine'." -Isaiah 43:1


  • Molly and Blake have the biggest hearts in the world.  They initiated a "football huddle" prayer around Etienne in the driveway this morning.  Blake invited E to play with his friends at recess. Molly loaned him her bracelet.  My heart swelled.
  • Zeke got a day full of the zoo, swimming, his favorite foods and snuggles.
  • I don't have to say a word to the girls I work with.  They just know.
  • The kindergarten teacher that has entered Etienne's life said "I want to meet Etienne where he is."
  • I was overloaded with texts from my loved ones near and far, praying for my children.  Tears.
  • There was a "friend" today next to E (we don't know his name, but he wore a black shirt today.  This is one thing I have really been praying for.  Just one nice kid to be his true friend.
  • Etienne's heart.  Last night at his first football practice, he got picked on (physically and verbally). Kids are stupid, E is twice their size.  We told him "The first time a kid hits you, say stop.  The second time, tell a grown up.  The third time, you hit him back."  He looked at us and said "I could never hit someone."  More tears.  Sweet, sweet boy. 
Right after their huddle.

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  1. Thank you for that update... you've been in my thoughts and prayers!!!