Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy face, Sad face

THRILLED does not begin to describe my emotions as we left our first appointment with our new agency. Is that weird? I don't care because I finally feel like we are getting somewhere; I didn't have defend or explain myself and the people we are working with have lots of experience. The therapist met with us and talked with Etienne alone too. In the end, she summed up: "He definitely has some RAD going on but it's nothing he won't overcome. He's bright, sweet and beautiful." As she said this, I teared up. Blake heard the change in my voice, entered the room and put his arm around my shoulder, saying "You okay, Mama, can I make you happy?" Within seconds, E followed Blake's lead, kissing my cheek. The therapist (we'll call her T), instructed me to tell Etienne what I was feeling and not to mask it. She also pointed out what great teachers Etienne's siblings were.
It was cool to witness someone who understands children who have been hurt. She knew just how to word questions and in doing so, I learned so much about more about my son. He clearly doesn't understand his emotions ("When Mama goes to work, I am angry so I want to eat a banana.") and his memory is HUGE ("Mama and Daddy got me from my friends, then we went to a hotel with play-dough.")
Our homework (note the pics) is to exaggerate our emotions and verbalize them as well. Etienne was supposed to draw a happy, sad and angry face; so we all did it together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hearts of all four of my kids and I am again reassured that 4 isn't too crowded because they all want to help E be happy. There is no jealousy, anger or resentment. Only love. How awesome is that?!?!


  1. This is WONDERFUL! I'm so glad to hear this. Your family is beautiful--but you know that already. :)

  2. Wow... so good. You are a brave and good mom for doing what your heart tells you your son needs. I think more people just ignore it and hope it goes away. Thank you for being brave to share it too! Hugs!

  3. YEA Higgins family! How wonderful is this! I am so happy and encouraged for E, for you, Kara,...for all of you. Love to all.