Saturday, January 15, 2011

True Blue

This is Molly with her closest girl friends, Rachel and Trinity. None of these girls lives in the same part of town, attend the same school or activity. God brought them (and their families) together somewhere during our lovely period we like to call transition. Molly has been so blessed by these two little girl's friendships. They have a heart for God, are crazy smart, think adoption is the norm and love giant bubble baths together. I am aware, because I have been experiencing it, that our life with Etienne and Zeke has isolated us in many ways. We've lost a lot to gain so much. I am still struggling to balance old relationships with new ones; at least my Molly has figured this out. I went through a time where, if you didn't get what we were doing, then you just couldn't be a part of our lives. It was that instinct to protect my kids and to protect my heart from people that meant well but didn't understand the depths of the pain we were all experiencing as we tried to help E and Zeke learn to love. So now I am trying to back off the mama bear mode a bit and figure out what it looks like to be more grace-filled with the outside world. God has given me some awesome friends here whom I can share life with but I know that He also wants me to be living missionally with people who haven't adopted, aren't connected to Rwanda or have no idea what transition/attachment/bonding means!

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