Thursday, October 21, 2010

"I'm Different"

Molly, Etienne, Zeke and Blake sharing the breakfast table: Etienne: "Mama, I think I'm different" Me: (gulp, I know I'm ready, right!?!?) "You're right, buddy, you are, but God wanted you that way and so did we." Blake: "Eeettttiiiiieeennnneeee!!!! Just because you are chocolate and I am vanilla, we still have 2 elbows!" Molly: "And the same Mama and Daddy." Zeke: "I'm batman." Etienne: "Ok. Can I have a bananna?" I love my life. Its messy and crazy and awesome.


  1. Out of the mouths of Babes. You could not have scripted a better response than what Blake, Molly and Zeke gave. I love it. Grandma

  2. That is beautiful! We're praying for you guys.