Monday, December 7, 2009

So many firsts!

The last week has been eventful for the newest Higgins' boys. Here are some more "Firsts:"
1. Etienne got his first haircut (including a wash and blowdry), a very handsome 'fro for only $4!! Plus, Mama was educated, lists of supplies were made and hair pics were purchased.
2. Zeke slept a full 8 hrs without yelling, crying or even "bbbaaa"ing.
3. Both boys tasted snow on their tongues and on their little faces
4. Etienne and Blake are sleeping together in the Big Boy Room and loving it.
Wow. We've come such a long way in such little time! I am still frequently overcome with emotions as their mother and as God's blessed child. Today at Target, Molly saw a baby swing and she commented that it made her sad that her little brothers never got to have baby swings or cute onesies. I cried and I cry as I write it. Although I am sad for all the babies that don't get that special swingtime or cozy snugglie, and heartbroken that I missed E and Z's first years; I know that God is loving each of those orphans as He loves each of us. It is a season of gratitude.

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