Monday, December 21, 2009

Just another parasite....

We are thankful to have official results from Zeke's labs last week. He does not have tuberculosis and he does not have HIV. Praise God! We don't yet have all the Hepatitis results and we continue to have several severely stinky diapers a day. He has taken the last expensive round of anti-parasitic treatment, but it could take a few weeks for his gut to recover and he has moved on to a lactose free diet. The parasite has resulted in these stats since Zeke's arrival:
-2100 baby wipes (thanks, Andy and Katie for the cases we didn't think we'd ever use up!)
-570 diapers
-40 days of Flagyl treatment
-mastering of some first English words including "yucky" and "stinky"
-a personal relationship with the HyVee pharmacist. At this point, I know him better than my neighbors.
A parasite is nothing the Ezekiel can't beat. God moves mountains everyday and a parasite is just a little mole hill.

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