Monday, November 16, 2009

Its not just for wrestlers anymore...more honesty!

So last week Molly got this cute little circular mark on her cheek. It got bigger and brighter and then I realized (gasp!), she had ringworm. All moms know this is almost as devestating as if your kid was the one in class with lice. Molly's teacher insisted that she didn't get in at school, so I, having too much nurse practitioner access, began to do some digging. Turns out most African kids are carriers of ringworm (also known as athlete's foot or jock itch), they just don't display it. Or if they do, it is in the form of bald spots. Have you all seen Zeke's head?! We looked closer and our little man does indeed appear to be the responsible party, in true Zeke style. Now the whole crew is being treated, everything is disinfected and we aren't contagious anymore. And Zeke got his first haircut! Blake saw him and said, "He looks like Grandpa!" We had to share the lookalikes.


  1. I love those two lookalikes! Grandma

  2. I will not be able to stop laughing if Zeke gives his 7 mo old cousin jock itch! I can't type this without laughing about the idea...but, poor Gabe if it happens, mommy does't mean to laugh at your expense.