Monday, August 10, 2009

Yellow fever and such

With the happy news that travel is only a few weeks away, we are again getting that "butterfly" feeling. Our family will soon be united for real! Molly and Blake are planning (Molly working on where everyone will sit in the car, Blake planning on "getting my brothers to chase you Molly!") Last week our church family and Basehor friends gave us a family shower and now we are equited with lots of supplies to take to the orphanage. I found out that Etienne is not yet potty trained, so we'll be getting doing diapers for both boys! Tee sales are still going, and we are working toward a goal of 10K. Yellow fever vaccines aren't cheap!We will probably need to close sales next week. Please forward this to your friends and their friends too. People are asking so here is the answer: Etienne will be Etienne Samual Higgins and Daniel will be Ezekiel Daniel Higgins. Hoping today we'll receive the final court ruling and travel times coming soon!

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