Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travel Date and Prayers

Good news! Two weeks from today- Sept 3-we will depart to Rwanda to bring Etienne and Ezekiel home for good. We have felt God's hand in this entire journey-from the moment we received an application from the adoption agency (that we never even requested!?!) to all the success of pizza sales, BBQ parties, and Mission Threads. We're seeking your prayers now because at this moment we don't have all the funds to pay the air fare to Rwanda and I am swallowing my pride-I know that is the devil trying to seperate me from my creator and His plans- and seeking prayer support this morning. As my friend Lisa reminded me in prayer today, God can provide water in the desert. Ryan and I know that God has a plan for Etienne and Ezekiel and we can't lose sight of those little boys that are our children, and most importantly, His children.s

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