Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey, whatever works.

     Nine!  That's how many layers we  put on and down for Etienne each night at bedtime.  It's like "The Princess & the Pea," although I'm sure if I hid something under all the layers, E's fingers would quickly find it.  Until last Wednesday, he still peed through all those layers.  These were desperate times, my friend, desperate.  There is nothing good out of changing our ginormous boy's bedding and laundering sheets every single day.    
     We've done it all trying to combat the bed wetting.  The craziest element to this dilemma is that the first year home, Etienne didn't even wear a pull up.  So we know he can do it.  This kid is probably border line dehydrated because we are always restricting his fluids, and it's stressful for him too.  Last week, when I tried to make him pee before I went to bed, he actually began speaking French to me.  Poor buddy.
     A friend brought over a little device from the 80's that he thought may be worth a shot.  It alarms when it gets wet, triggering the kid to get up and pee.  With E's busy fingers, he somehow got it working again; and although it seems barbaric, we thought we'd give it a shot.  It isn't that unusual and we need sleep, darn it!
I am still a bit concerned that it will send a little shock to his boy parts...
     The first night, it buzzed and he ignored it totally.  The second night, it woke Ryan and I up in time to make him pee and saved the bedding!  Night number three, it started buzzing and I put it up to his ear and said, "Etienne, its buzzing."  His sleepy response was "Well, what do you want me to do about it?"  Hahahahahahahahahaha.
    Last night the buzzer woke Blake and he jumped down, jumped on him and woke him up.  So I guess this is working?  Although it seems to be conditioning the rest of the family, I am still very relieved to not do a load of sheets, towels and plastic every night.  We will see a change in our budget too (XL diapers and Good Nights aren't cheap!) if we can cut down on all the nighttime layers.
     My goal is that E will be able to go to a sleepover someday.  It's simple, right?  I know, I know, I know that bed wetting is fairly normal problem for little boys.  I also know that my boy used to be fully potty trained until the stress of joining a family shook him up.  The buzzer is a band aid for now.  That's okay.  We need a band aid now and than.

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