Monday, October 31, 2011

Big E.

  I am putting this picture up because I LOVE the look on my nephew Gabe's face as he looks up to his cousin.  There isn't a lot that is easy, smooth or natural with Etienne, but he his behavior toward younger kids is.  E does a great job being gentle and loving with kids smaller than him (and that's a lot!).
  Also, we signed the boys up to play YMCA basketball.  Blake and Etienne were on the same team. Yes, as in past tense.  Our vegan-wanna be boy Blake is the lead scorer weighing in at 37lbs and 40inches while Etienne could totally dominate  but has not an ounce of competitiveness in his body.  At the first game, Ryan told him, "You need to put your hands up to block the other team from scoring."  His response, "Why wouldn't I want them to score?"  The next day, while picking apples, he said he didn't want to play basketball at all.  We  talked about it and he consistently said all week long that he didn't want to play.  Our ruling was to let him quit because he only wanted to play to be with his brother.  That desperate need for acceptance, want and love.  And that is why my prayer for my E continues to be "just let him KNOW that he is loved just because he is ours."

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