Saturday, May 14, 2011

Should have said so.

Size 6 Diaper.

Nighttime Pull-up.

Plastic cover.

Every night, this is what we layer my E in at bedtime (he isn't allowed fluids after 6, we wake him to pee, yada, yada, yada). Many nights, he still wet the bed. Poor kid, so big to have all those layers and wake up wet. I had been thinking that maybe he is just accustomed to the feel and the smell of being wet because he really didn't have an option with life in the orphanage. Monday, during his therapy, we talked a bit about his memories of bedtime before coming home. Later that night, Ryan and I told him "You know, if you wake up at night and you need to go potty, it would be good to get up and go." WELL, HELLO, MAMA.

He has woke up dry all week. All we had to do was give him permission. Geez. And thank you, God.

P.S. My father is sick and last night E was talking to him on my cell. He said "I want to pray for grandpa to get well." And then he did just that on his own accord over the phone. I don't know if I could be prouder. Two steps forward.....

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  1. I love that little guy, and all his siblings and Momma and Daddy. I also love his Grandpa! One proud Grandma