Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A glimpse at awesome!

We have had over a week of mostly NORMAL behavior with Etienne! I am going to share our plan of attack (don't judge) only because I am keenly aware of the other sweet Rwandan kiddos out there they may just be getting over the Honeymoon phase of being adopted. To catch up, Etienne had previously been potty trained. Over the summer, he digressed big time with a lot of attachment issues. One of them being peeing and/or pooping in his underwear. He reserved this joy for mama only. After a lot of prayer and some advice from professionals, we decided to continue to put him in underwear but each time he peed/pooed we took away ALL big boy privledges. We decided not to discipline but to tell him how much we loved him and if he needed to do baby behavior, then he would have to do baby sleeping/activities, etc. The other trick that we have had great results with is that we have held him or worn him on our back immediately after each discipline. Pulling him in rather than letting him return to what he was previously doing. Please know that I am fully aware that I am not an expert or do I think we have it figured out. We have NO IDEA what we are doing. That is the beauty of letting God lead. He has put some resources in our pocket and we have totally let go of any parenting instinct we thought we had. It is a crazy ride that is giving us a few more awesome days and less time crying in the pantry.

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  1. so glad to hear about E's progress!! Isaiah seems to be coming through this round as well. love to you, friend. xoxo